Portrait: Amy G. McMillan Always the "inner child", who still marvels in the visions that abound all around.

A "jack of all trades", having been a teacher, a karate official, a postal worker, a preschool owner, a children's book publisher, a licensed clinical hypnotherapist, a flight-agent for charter flights to Holland and Mexico, an administrator and professional development specialist, a mom, and now a grand-mom, and I've even put a roof on a house, but the one thing I have always been fascinated with is the ability to capture a memory as a photograph.

We all have our own "book of life", and we all have it full of memories..., some good, some bad, some happy, some sad. Photography has been a way to stop time for just a fraction of a moment, enough time to capture the essence of the memory, or the vision of something unique, beautiful, creative, or imaginative. And by doing so, it gives us the moment to relive again over and over, and allows us to pass those images on for others to ponder and wonder and enjoy.

That is my mission, and that is my goal. I hope in some way these images touch you or reach you in some way that allows you to connect or escape to another place or relate to and relive in your mind, the places of another time.

With much aloha...